As a young lady, I was experiencing a very toxic connection with a man. This emotional abuse made me feel insecure. Like I had no control to live my own true life. With hard work I learned, I was more than enough.
We all are. My collection was inspired by the spirit of Renaissance art because I consider this period of my life to be my own rebirth from darkness into beauty. The birth of Venus and the Primavera by Sandro Botticelli are among the most famous paintings in the world both depicting the Roman goddess of love Venus.
I was especially moved by the myth of Venus and her lost love. She cried over the dead Adonis' body and her tears blossomed into beautiful poppy flowers. I honor this image with the use of the poppy flower in my own designs. With my collection, I want to tell women that they have the power to express their beauty on their own terms.

From tears can come growth and rebirth into beauty. Everyone has the right to love themselves and their own unique beauty. That is why I am so grateful to Project Runway. With many thanks for allowing me this incredible opportunity, I am proud and happy to present to you my collection: "Lead Me to Life".