Before I started my Master collection,
I was thinking a lot about fashion: what
it means to me, and what I want to relate with my ideas. I thought about the kind
of garments I would love to make, and the meaning in the clothes I want to create.
In our days of minimalism and fast fashion we don’t always care about what we wear and how clothes are made. Usually, we just put on something comfortable and go about our daily tasks. Sadly, clothes have little meaning anymore. In previous centuries, it was a completely different story.
You could recognise a person’s status by the way he dressed. You could tell his profession, the way he lived, his position in society. With my collection I want to encourage people to think about the meaning of their clothes.

My research is concentrated on the kings and queens of the 16th and 17th centuries: the richness of their garments, the extreme shapes, the oddness of the decorations, the number of under layers, and the meaning of every single detail and essence of each piece. Nowadays days we are missing these things. Bringing back the richness and the power of clothes — that is what my collection "SENSUAL SEDUCTION" is about.